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A Word from the Chairman

To the 2020 China-US Business Summit

2020, an extraordinary year.

With disasters, touching moments, sentiments, and changes. And yet all of this continues to this day.

If everyone faces obstacles on the road of their lives, then this year was full of obstacles. If the development of each enterprise has its ups and downs, then the decline of this year was like alternating between life and death.

This was a test: it was a kind of experience, and it was also a kind of forging of the soul—it was to see if you have a genuine, true entrepreneurial spirit.

In a year where "the theme is to survive", if one lived without any sort of downfall, then one can be called a winner in life.

A large number of such winners appeared among the members of our Summit. And some people still succeeded greatly, ultimately because they "never let a good crisis go to waste" (Winston Churchill).

When the unprecedented pandemic fell upon the world, our members of the China-US Business Summit were deeply affected and were able to act immediately in both China and the United States; open-minded, they were able to connect with both sides of the Pacific even amongst the chaos.

I saw that our members in China and the United States first reached out to rescue Hubei when the pandemic situation in Hubei was the worst. Later, when the situation in the United States became severe, they rescued the United States. I believe that only those who finish the first half and then play the second half can be called the true winners of a game!

What I want to report to you is that the "China-US Charity Foundation", founded by the core members of the Summit, has entered its second year of operation this year. The “stay-at-home orders” of the United States have not hindered our actions. We continue to provide donations to American families who have adopted or are adopting Chinese children with special needs. Looking at the smiling faces of these Chinese children growing up in the United States, we can’t help but be overjoyed at their happiness!

In 2020, in addition to natural and man-made disasters, we also faced unprecedented tensions in China-US relations.

But history tells us that when official relations become tense, individual organizations like our China-US Business Summit are more likely to play an important role.

Similarly, for a company's decision-makers, the more the environment seems to be closed-off, the more they must maintain an open and aware mind to the world around them. The more we must persist in learning.

Only in this way can a company stay ahead of the competition and enable itself to stand at the forefront of the times.

Due to the pandemic, our annual China-US Business Summit was held in China for the first time this year, which gave us new experiences and opportunities.

At the 11th China-US Business Summit, in response to this year's special circumstances, we organized the "Wealth Management · Asset Allocation Forum" and the "Brand and Marketing Forum" in an appropriate manner. I hope that a group of successful keynote speakers can provide enough ample energy and motivation that will be absorbed into our member companies’ practices.

I believe that after experiencing the most prominent year in history, we will have a better future. That's because we have developed a special way of thinking in our lives. That's because we, who reassess world affairs, know how to cherish. I believe that there are countless aspects of life that are worth cherishing and that to cherish them with others is what it truly means to cherish the wealth we have - whether it is the road to entrepreneurship or the road of life, we don’t have to explore it alone: we can move forward hand-in-hand.

It is from this thinking that at the beginning of this year, the Summit Organizing Committee established the Entrepreneur Alliance, which screened high-quality entrepreneurs who have attended the Summit for more than a decade and recruited colleagues who have not participated in the Summit to form this alliance.

One year of operation practice, more than a dozen online and offline activities, and daily exchanges have all become accumulated experience and have strengthened our confidence. In the new year, we will intensify our efforts to make the Summit an amazing platform.

"The Summit will never end, and services will be carried out every day." - Under this principle, we have gone through an extremely special eleventh year. Time is the best measure for testing people's hearts. With the efforts of all our members, we will do our best to make this platform even more valuable.

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