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Council Member Qualifications

The China-US Business Summit Council is the leading organization of the China-US
Business Summit. Its members are leaders and top experts in business, government,
academia, and the arts who share the Summit's goal of building constructive relations
between the two nations' peoples and helping small and medium-size enterprises thrive in the
world's two largest economies. The Council consists of four committees: Investment and
Trade, Corporate and Government Affairs, Art and Culture, and Legal Consultancy.

Council Member Qualifications

I. Council Function

The key functions of the Council are to serve as a bridge between the peoples and businesses of China and the United States and to provide a forum for those issues that American  businesses face in China and vice versa. Members of the Council serve as cultural and business ambassadors and work to foster the exchange of ideas and perspectives between our members and those in various communities and government agencies.

II. Requirements and Process

a. The Nominating Committee of the Summit will identify and recommend Council Member candidates to the Evaluation Sub-committee.

b. The Evaluation Sub-committee shall consist of nine members with over fifteen years of professional experience in the candidate's field of expertise.

c. In evaluating candidacy, the sub-committee will consider and evaluate each candidate based upon its assessment of the following criteria:

1. A candidate for Council membership has to be a current China-US Business Summit member in good standing and must formally apply for Council membership and be approved by the Chairman and Co‐Chair.

2. A candidate must demonstrate his or her leading status in the relevant field of expertise by satisfying at minimum FIVE of the criteria below:

     - lead an organization with no less than 500 employees/staff

     - initiated or managed commercial or public projects that generated no less than 100 million U.S. dollars in business revenue or equivalent economic benefit

     - attained a master's degree (or above) in his or her field of expertise received no less than three awards and honors given by recognized national or international organizations in the relevant field of expertise

     - lead a commercial entity with a market capitalization of no less than 1 billion USD

     - currently holds a leadership position in regulatory agencies in China or the United States

     - previously held leadership position in regulatory agencies in China or the United States

     - currently holds membership status in national or international organizations that are involved in standardization of the relevant field of expertise

     - currently holds a leadership position in a top national school, university, or research institute

     - previously held leadership position in top national school, university, or research institute

     - produced artistic creations that have generated a revenue of no less than 1 million USD

3. The Council members must abide by the policy and procedure written in the China-US Business Summit Policy and Procedure document.

d. Members of the Nominating Committee who wish to recommend to the Evaluation sub-committee a candidate for the appointment to the Council should send their letters to the Summit's headquarters in the United States. The Summit Secretary will promptly forward all such letters to the members of the Council and Nominating Committee.

e. Members of the Nominating Committee must follow specific procedures to recommend candidates for the Council. In general, to provide sufficient time to evaluate each candidate adequately, the Summit Secretary must receive the member's recommendation between February 1st and April 30th.

The recommendation must contain the following information about the candidate:

     · Name;

     · Age (gender);

     · Industry and current business address/contacts;

     · Principal occupation or employment and employment history (name and address of employer and job title) for the past ten years (or such shorter period as the candidate has been in the workforce);

     · Educational background;

     · Permission for the Nominating Committee to conduct a background investigation, including the right to obtain the education, employment, and credit information;

     · The information that would be required to be disclosed by the Nominating Committee about the candidate under the rules of the Chinese and U.S. government regulations;

     · Signed consent of the nominee to serve as a Council Member if elected.

f. All application documents submitted, including a recommendation letter by a Nominating Committee member, must be in both the Chinese and English languages.

(Revision: 2020-2021)

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