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China-US Wealth Forum

Mr. Steven Shen, Chairman of China-US Business Summit, described the necessity of international asset allocation in today's society based on his own personal and practical experience in the United States. At the same time, he gave examples and analyzed the seven most common financial management methods of wealth allocation in the United States and compared the characteristics and pros and cons of the various methods. This analysis broke the perception that most people's overseas investments are only limited to purchasing residential real estate.

Mr. John Shen, Consultant and Director of China-US Business Summit, and founding partner of Sunstone Management, a private equity firm in the United States, spoke professionally about the role of American family trusts in protecting the wealth of high-net-worth individuals. At the same time, he analyzed the multiple functions of privacy protection and tax avoidance that trusts can provide and explained the basic conditions for doing a trust in the United States to the attendees.

Mr. Congxi Niu, the founder of Beijing Qiyou Management Consulting Services Co., Ltd., shared his perspective in his presentation titled "Thoughts on Life Cycle Asset Allocation After the Pandemic.” Starting from the era of negative interest, where the inflation rate is higher than the bank deposit interest rate + the realistic conditions of the global "new crown pneumonia" pandemic, he analyzed the underlying logic of financial asset allocation and the three aspects of creating wealth, keeping wealth, and passing on wealth. This concept, at the same time, analyzes how to carry out benign asset allocation methods, leading everyone into a different investment ecosystem.

China-US Investment and Financing Forum

The China-US Business Summit will invite US officials and professionals to introduce American investment policies, laws, and regulations to the Chinese entrepreneurs. Specialists from the US economic and trade sectors will be invited to discuss foreign direct investment and trade opportunities for 2015 with the Chinese entrepreneurs.

Film Investment Forum

The Organizing Committee of the China-US Business Summit and Entertainment Finance, LLC will jointly organize the forum. This year's theme is "show me the money" which will focus on financing issues in film making. Chinese and American professionals from the television and film industries will discuss the feasibility for China to duplicate.

Real Estate Forum

This forum will invite senior specialists from the US real estate industry, lawyers, and experts in finance to explain the current status and investment opportunities in the US real estate market, compare the real estate industries in China and the US, interpret new opportunities in real estate investment, and introduce successful models.


Yuchong Zhang, a leader in China's real estate investment field, gave a lecture titled "Foreseeing Future, Changing Life.”

At the Summit, Yuanhua Zhao, Vice President of the Mengniu Group, spoke about how the current situation of the pandemic affects every entrepreneur in her presentation, "Brand Development in the Post-Pandemic Era.” Focusing on the small changes in today’s society, Zhao helped everyone analyze current policies and changes in the consumer market in detail, revealing "digital" opportunities that have emerged in response to the times. Zhao elaborated in her key points on how many brands should seize this opportunity to upgrade themselves. Her unique brand marketing theory not only firmly grasps the consumer market but also focuses on crucial areas for the attendees. In a post-pandemic era, how brands can find their own development direction to "follow the trends and move forward" has become a question worth pondering for every entrepreneur. Her insight greatly benefited all of the attendees.

Professor Wei Zhou, a senior media professional, a well-known brand asset management expert, and an independent director of a number of companies, conducted an in-depth analysis of the latest global topics, events, and series of market changes experienced by the entrepreneurs at the Summit. At the scene, he used many detailed and successful cases to show everyone how brands should be marketed under the new ecology. His unique, cutting-edge "joint marketing model", "brand cross-circle or even break-through joint marketing", and viewpoints on emerging brands such as "marketing with diversification" opened up the entrepreneurs’ minds. Throughout his wonderful lecture, his professionalism and seriousness truly demonstrated the unique temperament of experienced and seasoned senior advertisers.

Dr. Lijun Jia, Executive Chairman of ECI Awards, shared his knowledge at a session of the Summit forum titled "Digital Economy Innovation, Chinese Brands Going Global", in which he spoke about how brands should adapt to the new digital age. Dr. Jia discussed the evolution of brands being simply "created by marketers" to the brand-new idea of "participating in creation with consumers", bringing many innovative ideas and perspectives to on-site entrepreneurs. His concept of "bringing innovation to life" successfully inspired the conference participants on how to upgrade their brand marketing. At the end, he also shared his original "4P to 4E" smart marketing method, emphasizing and demonstrating how "creativity represents the future.” As the last guest to share, Dr. Jia was very involved and full of surprises, making for a very climactic end to his speech.

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